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Western Visi Cooler In Combatore Commercial Refrigeration Very high ambient and lower energy norms Safety compliant as per IEC norms Ingress protection class IP 24 Easy Service LED Illuminated Canopy Wheels/ Legs (Castor) Adjustable Shelves Inbuilt Door Handle Changeable Gasket Bottle Opener With Crown Holder Retractable Refrigeration System Customized Branding Wider Display Technical Specifications External dimension (mm): 1152 (W) x 785 (D) x 2188 (H) Internal dimension (mm): 1052 (W) x 612 (D) x 1675 (H) Gross Volume: 1053 Net volume: 959 Storage capacity of cans (330ml) / Facing: 1120 Storage capacity of bottles (RGB 300ml) /Facing: 720 Storage capacity of bottles (PET 500ml) / Facing: 560 Product facing (330ml cans): 7 + 7 Product facing (RGB 300ml bottles): 8 + 8 Product facing (PET 500ml bottles): 7 + 7 Foot Print Area (m2): 0.9 Energy Consumption: 4.6934 kWh/24 hrs
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